OHSET Advisor and Coaches

Coaches and Advisors are an important part of OHSET success. Without motivated teens and encouraging advisors and coaches, OHSET would not be successful. Our youth need to have goals and hobbies that can help them expand their ability to grow and learn. Thank you to all those who have devoted your time to helping OHSET be an important role in today's youth.

If your interested in becoming involved in the OHSET program, please contact the State Chair or your District Chair for more information.

--- Coaches and Advisor Training
2019-19 Season Coaches and Advisors Training
Saturday, November 17, 2018
Roseburg High School
400 W. Harvard Ave.
Roseburg, OR

Questions? Contact Candi Bothum at cbothum@ohset.com

Download the Flyer. Lunch is provided.

--- Training and Required Courses
ALL Head Coaches and Head Advisors are required to take the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching course (OSAA Coaches Course) once. All Coaches and Advisors will need to complete all the training requirements that are listed in the Coach & Advisors Training document below. This includes in person training every two years. See the OHSET website calendar for upcoming training dates (Calendar).

  • NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course (Link) - Select "Courses", then find "Fundamentals of Coaching" course, you will need to select your state before you order the course.
  • Coach & Advisor Training Requirements: (pdf) - required reading.

  • --- Reference, Documents and Help Aids
    OHSET Coach Slides
  • Welcome & Communications - (pdf)
  • Safety is No Accident - (pdf)
  • Event Insurance - (pdf)
  • Team Management - (pdf)
  • Dealing with Difficult People - (pdf)
  • Team Finances - (pdf)
  • Bio Security - (pdf)
  • Combo Teams - (pdf)
  • Co-Ops - (pdf)
  • Eligibility - (pdf)
  • Meet Management - (pdf)
  • 10 Random Things - (pdf)

  • OHSET Documents
  • OHSET Brochure - (pdf)
  • Coach Handbooks are in the works check back later.

  • OHSET Help and References
  • CO-OP - (PowerPoint)
  • Eligibility - (PowerPoint)
  • Safety is No Accident - (PowerPoint)

  • Additional Website Help References:
  • U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF)
  • U.S. Dressage Federation (USDF)
  • Oregon Horsemen’s Association
  • Western Horsemen of Oregon (WHO)
  • Choosing Your Groups Structure, Mission and Goals
  • Parliamentary Procedure Made Easier
  • Display and Use of the Flag
  • Leadership Styles
  • Handling Group Problems
  • Communication Is the Key
  • Leadership Development Within Groups

  • Website often change their pages unannounced, so please help keep us informed of any link breaks. If you find one please email Kim. Thank You.

    Helmet Requirements

    There have been some questions raised about helmet use requirements at "NON" OHSET events. Remember, our rules and insurance govern OHSET events (not OHSET attire). So, helmets are required while riding or driving at:
    » Any OHSET event.
    » At any event raising funds for OHSET.
    » At any event OHSET money was used to pay entry fees for.
    » At any event that a coach or advisor said, "this is going to be our ____ practice;" as in cattle practice, gaming practice, etc.
    » At any event where coaching from an OHSET coach is happening with OHSET athletes. While any ER Doc would tell you to wear your helmet when you ride at all times, OHSET does NOT require it: When you are at an event not covered above, like a gaming play day or Open horse show.

    What athletes are wearing doesn't matter. Use common sense, if there is some question about if it's an OHSET event, error toward wearing helmets. They can wear their garb anywhere, helmets or not.

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