Oregon High School Equestrian Teams History

Our History, The Oregon High School Equestrian Athletic program was formed first in the Southern District in 1993, in cooperation with the Oregon Horsemen's Association, and some dedicated role models within the Grants Pass and Roseburg areas.

Since that first year the program has spread through Oregon and into the great State of Washington. Most of these high schools have approved the awarding of High School Varsity Letters for those athletes who meet the requirements as set forth in the rules of the OHSET program, as well as any additional requirements of the participating school. In the past year, over 1100 high school athletes have participated in our program.

Since 2003 season OHSET has been an incredible growth year in the OHSET program. Rapid expansion has resulted in the divisional inclusion of another district, bringing the total of participating districts to eight! Please be sure to refer to the district page on our web site for locations and teams that may be near you.

What is the OHSET Mission? Oregon High School Equestrian Teams is dedicated to promoting and organizing equestrian competition in high school athletic or activity programs. It is our main goal to provide recognition in the high schools of the equestrian athlete and to give them an opportunity to achieve that recognition in a fair, positive and educational format. The goals are to encourage team play, peer acceptance, good horsemanship and to have cooperative adult supervised leadership for all students in grades 9 through 12.

Who can participate? Any high school in the United States of America is eligible to form a team and join the High School Equestrian Teams organization. The state is divided into districts. Districts are made up of High Schools. Each High School competes as a team. Athletes are affiliated with a high school team.

When are the competitions? Competition is a winter/spring sport season and runs from December 1 through the State Championship meet planned usually in May. You can view the meets and championship dates and times by going to the Calendar page. [View Calendar]

Each District plans three district competitions in January, February, March and/or April, where athletes are required to compete in at least two of the three meets to determine who will be eligible for the State Championships.

Competition follows sportsmanship guidelines as set down by the State's School Activities Association and School Board, individual participating school activity guidelines and equine sportsmanship guidelines.

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