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First Year & Hardship Fee Scholarship Program

Want to join OHSET, but struggling with start-up fees?
OHSET has developed a small fund to help new and returning athletes to pay for their fee.
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Education Scholarship Program

Oregon High School Equestrian Teams, Inc was established to facilitate interscholastic competition and promote a sound program of educational value. In continuing with that goal, OHSET is proud to be able to provide for our athletes, an opportunity to win a scholarship toward furthering their post high school education! Any high school senior who is an OHSET member is able to apply.

Scholarship information

Applications must be postmarked or e-mailed by midnight April 20, 2019. No applications will be accepted after that date. If applications can be Emailed, that is ideal; however, mailed applications are accepted and will receive equal consideration, but they must be postmarked by the deadline. See the Application for the address to mail your scholarship documents.

Any questions should be directed to: Donna Espelien at 503-806-2781 or Emailed to: state.scholarship@ohset.com

Application Forms and Information:
  • Download Scholarship Application and Information:(PDF) or (WORD) Revised 1/13/19
  • Download Scholarship Criteria: (pdf) Revised 1/27/17
  • Download Scholarship Procedure Guidelines: (pdf) Revised 1/27/17
  • Download Scoring Rubric: (pdf)

  • The Oregon High School Equestrian Team State Board would like to thank THE SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE & SPONSORS for their dedication to the youth of our program & their diligent effort on behalf of our scholarship program. Please refer your questions to Donna at state.scholarship@ohset.com

    2019 Scholarship Winners
    Scholarship Winners are:
    Camille Hildum (North East), Jenelle Neumann (Central), Megan Schweitzer, (North Valley), Grace James (North West), Faith Sixkiller (Southern), Emery Goin (South Valley), Renee Kozlowski (Tri River), and Megan Miller (Willamette)

    2017 Scholarship Winners
    Scholarship Winners are:
    Daiya Malone (Central), Alexis Knight (North Valley), Alyson Teachout (Northeast), Britney Norby (Northwest), Hannah Fouts (South Valley), Kali Henderson (Southern), Grace Fritsch (Tri-River Valley), Abigail Hurley (Willamette)

    2016 Scholarship Winners
    Scholarship Winners are:
    Tyler Ruth (Central), Allison Byrne (North East) Angeline Starrs (North Valley), Sheyanne Pedersen (North West), Peyton Hager (Southern), Sydney Nash (South Valley), Monica Holliday (Tri-River Valley), Alyssa Elms (Willamette)

    2015 Scholarship Winners
    Scholarship Winners are:
    Lauren Walley (Central), Brittany Scott (North Valley), Shannon Corkran (Northwest), Paige Morales (Southern), Erica Henry (South Valley), Naomi Sakaguchi (Tri-River Valley), Medelen Dewar (Willamette)

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