About Us

What is our Mission
Oregon High School Equestrian Teams is dedicated to promoting and organizing equestrian competition in high school athletic or activity programs. It is our main goal to provide recognition in the high schools of the equestrian athlete and to give them an opportunity to achieve that recognition in a fair, positive and educational format. The goals are to encourage team play, peer acceptance, good horsemanship and to have cooperative adult-supervised leadership for all students in grades 9 through 12. Along with helping students develop lifetime skills, teamwork, and self-discipline. 

Our History
The Oregon High School Equestrian Athletic program was formed first in the Southern District in 1993, in cooperation with the Oregon Horsemen’s Association, and some dedicated role models within the Grants Pass and Roseburg areas. 

It is a Statewide Program that runs through the high schools as a winter/spring sport with three main competitions, two of which the athlete must compete in to qualify for the state championship competition. Those qualified in their district are then eligible to compete in a state championship meet against all district winners. Athletic or activity letters may be awarded participants meeting the lettering requirements. 

Each athlete pays a participation fee to his/her district to cover the costs of competitions, hiring officials, insurance, etc. All other costs of transportation, stalls, equipment, team shirts, and lodging are the responsibility of each athlete. Teams are encouraged to hold fundraisers to offset expenses. 

Students are encouraged to organize their Equestrian school team at the beginning of the school year in order to obtain administrative approval, canvas their school for members, hold regular meetings, organize fundraisers, design and order their team shirt before competitions begin. 

Students in grades 9-12 interested in participating in OHSET can contact the chairperson of their school district.

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