Helmet use requirements at “NON” OHSET events. Remember, our rules and insurance govern OHSET events, not OHSET attire. So, helmets are required while riding or driving at:

  • Any OHSET event
  • At any event raising funds for OHSET
  • At any event OHSET money was used to pay entry fees.
  • At any event that a coach or advisor said, “this is going to be our practice”; as in cattle, gaming or such.
  • At any event where coaching from an OHSET coach is happening with OHSET athletes.

While any emergency room doctor would tell you to wear your helmet when you ride at all times, OHSET does not require it: when you are at an event not covered above, like a gaming play day or open horse show.

What athletes are wearing doesn’t matter. Use common sense, if there is some question about if it’s an OHSET event, error toward wearing helmets. They can wear their garb anywhere, helmets or not.