What’s Happening with OHSET?

We are starting to get a number of questions about if there will be an OHSET Season, 2020-21 and if yes, what it will look like.  OHSET is committed to continuing as an organization and as a sport and/or club option in Oregon High Schools. We are currently drawing and selecting patterns for this year’s season. As always, we will take our lead for decision making through this pandemic from our high schools, the Oregon Health Authorities and the Governor’s office.  Yes, we are just as frustrated as you, we want the show to go on!  AND most importantly, we want communities and families to be safe and healthy and we want all areas of the state to be able to participate. In addition to these goals, we also are very concerned about letting our athletes down, again.  Right now, we’re in a holding pattern; waiting for schools to make decisions, to see if some of the “Phase 1” regions can move to “Phase 2” – lots of information coming in, and changing rapidly.

Once we have a good feel for what is happening across the state, then we must decide how we will proceed and make some of our own decisions.  Should we begin our OHSET season, delay it, postpone it?  If we start, what safety measures and rules must be in place?  Face coverings, limits on numbers, overnight camping, etc.  Will participants and their families comply? Are we setting athletes up for another disappointing year? How can we make this a positive experience, is there a virtual plan B possibility? What do athletes want? All of this and much more is things the OHSET board must consider as our season grows near. 

If you are wondering about judges and coaches training, we’re preparing a series of online workshops for this year, as soon as I have a schedule, I will publish.

Please know, OHSET is committed to our mission of providing opportunities for equestrian athletes to compete and represent their high school in a fair and safe environment.  Hang in there and keep riding as we make decisions, we will absolutely share.  Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with Candi, our State Chair at cbothum@ohset.com