Currently, every team wishing to co-op must apply in writing on the proper form (OSAA) to the attention of the Board of Directors of the State Board of OHSET. This application is to be sent to the District Secretary and reviewed by the District. Once evaluated at the district level, it is sent to the State Board to be approved or disapproved by a majority vote of the State Board Directors. Every effort will be made by the District and State Boards to review each application at the next regular meeting following receipt of same.

Sponsoring teams having more than nine (9) student athletes will not be allowed to co-op teams. Applying teams with more than four (4) student athletes will not be allowed to co-op. Both of the co-op teams must submit an application stating who is the applying school and who is the cooperative school. The principal of the cooperative school must sign the application. The principal of the applying school must be informed of the application and if he denies cooperation, the board of directors (district level) will follow through to ascertain the reasons for this decision.

Each application will be evaluated and voted upon based on individual merit. The intent of this rule is to make participation available for as many students and schools as possible. Recruitment of athletes is to be discouraged and any application present with that intent will be denied.

Standard Operating Guidelines for Co-ops ( PDF)
Coop Application (PDF) (Word)