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Rules of Use:

The letters OHSET must remain together and presented as a complete word, Letters may not be added or deleted. School and/or District names maybe placed above or below logo if desired.

FONT LOGO: nothing may cover any portion of the letters OHSET. Designs may be placed behind the letters, and all around, but OHSET must be the front layer. Any color combination, and/or outline, will be allowed.

DESIGN LOGO: may not be altered from the approved design. Nothing may be placed in front of or behind the logo. Any color combination will be allowed, and the letters can be used with or without outline.

The letters OHSET should be prominent and, the most prevalent message.

All letters must be equal size.

The use of the logo (design or font) signifies that you have read and agree to abide by rules of use.

Download: Graphic & Information Package